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Updated notice July 2015

Notice and Warning to all users of Green Aussie Cleaner ®

Be aware there are fake inferior formulas being sold in bottles by various companies and individuals bearing the Green Aussie Cleaner ® Trade Mark # 792959.

These pirate companies and individuals are selling illegally the registered Trade Mark Green Aussie Cleaner ® and have caused confusion in the market place.

Two such companies which are in breach of Trade Mark Infringement and Passing Off are:

1. Neeming Australia. Before this newly created notice of July 2015 the label on Neeming Australia's website was shown as:

The above label shows the registered trademark of Green Aussie Cleaner ® which Neeming Australia copied not only the registered trade mark, but also the copyrighted words from the original Green Aussie Cleaner ® label. In the bottle shown above Neeming Australia has commissioned a chemist / contract manufacture to make a similar formula to the original Green Aussie Cleaner ® formula.

Not long after this warning notice was posted on Neeming Australia moved to changed their label and artwork which now reads "Great Aussie Cleaner". Their new label is shown below.

Hard copy print outs, actual bottles with labels affixed, receipts of fake Green Aussie Cleaner ® purchases have been acquired by and will be used as evidence confirming the breach of intellectual property of Green Aussie Cleaner ® Trade Mark # 792959.


2. Neem Health Plus -

Neeming Australia have produced a fake formula and then they produced their own labels bearing the Green Aussie Cleaner ® Trade Mark # 792959. Neeming Australia have then on-sold this fake inferior formula with an illegal copy of the Green Aussie Cleaner ® Trade Mark # 792959 and copy righted words to Neem Health Plus and many of its sub-agents.

The above two companies are selling their inferior fake illegal copies of Green Aussie Cleaner ® via the internet on their respective websites below the retail prices shown on the original product website

Customers have communicated to their horror at this practice and have stated that in comparing the fake formula with the original Green Aussie Cleaner ® formula that there is no comparison in quality and the original Green Aussie Cleaner ® is far superior.

As a consumer of products you the customer might like to contact your local office of Fair Trading or the ACCC or your local State or Federal Member to make a personal complaint about the activities of Neeming Australia or Neem Health Plus if you have purchased the fake products from these two companies.

If you wish to report any such companies or individuals who are selling these illegal fake formulas under the Green Aussie Cleaner ® trade mark, please send an email to with your name, phone number and email address for clarification of this matter.

Please give your support by purchasing only the Original Green Aussie Cleaner ® Trade Mark # 792959 at Also any friends and family you can assist changing brands to the original Green Aussie Cleaner ® would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to talk just send an email to with your name, phone number and email address for clarification of this matter.


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